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Nehlig P., Montani C. A discrete template based plane casting algorithm for volume viewing. In: DGCI - 5th Colloquium DGCI : acte du colloque proceedings (Clement-Ferrand, France, 25-27 septembre 1995). Proceedings, pp. 71 - 79. Université d'Anvergne, 1995.
We presenta 3D volume visualization algorithm whose aim is to project voxels on a screen using any given viewing angle. Our techiniques is based on a discrete geometry approach and computes firt a suitable discreteplane in the data space. The corresponding screen to all the voxels of this plane are computed. The core of the algorhytm in then to translate thistemplate plane through the whole data space in order to reach all voxels for projection, using only syms and tests on integer numbers.
Subject Volume visualization
Back-to front rendering
Discrete geometry
I.3 Computer graphics

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