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Bizzarri M., Bizzarri P., Bondavalli A., Di Giandomenico F., Tarini F. Design of flexible and dependable real-time applications. In: WRTP'95 - Proceedings of To Appear in 20th Ifac-Ifip Symposium (Ft. Lauderdal, 1995). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 7. IFAC, 1995.
The design of safety-critical applications must include redundancies aimed at Fault Tolerance purposes. An adaptable use of such redundancies can optimise resource utilisation; in case of faults, it can preserve fundamental services and allow a graceful degradation of the system. A programming notation, name FERT, has been recently introduced for the design of adaptable applications. With this notation, the designer of a safety-critical Real-Time application can specify alternative fault tolerance policies for each component of the applicatio and obtain an adaptable run-time behaviour. This paper is meant as a contribution to this notation and to its possible implementation. Namely, it deals with the specification of a communication semantics (including failure semantics) and with execution support problems such as the definition of' value of a computation and adaptive planning at run-time. Some related issues are also addressed as future work.
Subject Real-Time Applications
Fault Tolerance
Design Description Language
C.4 Performance of Systems

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