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Cignoni P., Montani C., Sarti D., Scopigno R. On the optimization of projective volume rendering. In: Proceedings of 6th Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing '95 (Chia Laguna, Cagliari, 1995). Proceedings, pp. 58 - 71. R. Scateni, J. Van Wijk and P. Zanarini (eds.). Springer, 1995.
How to render very complex datasets,and yet maintain interactive responsetimes, is a hot topic in volume rendering. In this paper we focuson projective visualization of datasets represented via tetrahedral tessellations. Direct projective visualization is performed by sorting tetrahedra with respect to view direction and then by projecting themonto the screen. Different sorting algorithms and "per tetrahedra" projection techniques are review edand evaluated.A new method for tetrahedra projection approximation is presented. In addition,we compare the results Obtained by the optimization of the renderingprocess with those obtained by adopting a data simplification approach.
Subject Projective volume
I.3 Computer Graphics

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