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Lutzemberger L., Salvetti O. Analysis of deformation in a 3d morpho-functional Brain model. In: Proceedings of Health Telematics '95. Health in the Information Society (Ischia, Naples, Italy, 2-6 july 1995). Proceedings, pp. 149 - 156. M. Bracale and F. Denoth (eds.). AIIMB, 1995.
First results about computer assisted three-dimensional analysis on objects extracted from tomographic diagnostic images are presented. After the reconstruction of structures having different morphological and functional properties and the definition of relative geometric models, data fusion is performed between 3D objects derived from GT scans of the brain and analogous sequences of synthetic images classified from an atlas. Then, an approach to geometric deformation is studied for application to the unique description model derived. At the end, few results related to data fusion and deformation of the shape of a well-known anatomical phantom are presented.
Subject Digital imaging
3D modelling
Data fusion
I.4 Image processing and computer vision

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