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Cignoni P., Laforenza D., Perego R., Scopigno R., Montani C. Evaluation of parallelization strategies for an incremental delaunay triangulator in E3. In: Concurrency-Practice and Experience, vol. 7 (1) pp. 61 - 80. Wiley, 1995.
The paper deals with the parallelization of Delaunay triangulation, a widely used space partitioning technique. Two parallel implementations of a three-dimensional incremental construction algorithm are presented. The first is based on the decomposition of the spatial domain, while the second relies on the master-slaves approach. Both parallelization strategies are evaluated, stressing practical issues rather than theoretical complexity. We report on the exploitation of two different parallel environments: a tightly coupled distributed memory MIMD architecture and a network of workstations co-operating under the Linda environment Then, a third hybrid solution is proposed, specifically addressed to the exploitation of higher parallelism. It combines the other two solutions by grouping the processing nodes of the multicomputer into clusters and by exploiting parallelism at two different levels.
DOI: 10.1002/cpe.4330070106
Subject Parallelization strategies
I.3 Computer Graphics

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