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Strigini L. Engineering judgement in reliability and safety and its limits: what can we learn from research in psychology?. Report Ship/T/030/v.3. Internal note IEI-B4-70, 1994.
Engineering judgement has an important role in safety or reliability assessment. particular, this report focuses on the use of engineering judgement for integrating diverse evidence into a final assessment of the safety or reliability of a product. In many cases of stringent safety requirements, this form of engineering (or "expert") judgement, i.e.,"informal inference from complex evidence", is the crucial resource for the decision maker, for lack of more solid, objective evidence. However, there are good reasons to doubt the ability of experts in some of the judgement tasks in which they are usually employed. Experimental research both about the way humans think and integrate evidence, and about the performance of experts in tasks similar to engineering judgement, support the idea that the ability of experts may be overrated. This report summarises some literature about common fallacies and ways to guard against them.
Subject Engineering judgement: reliability and safety
C.4 Performance of Systems

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