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Barnbrook G., Calzolari N., Federici S., Hoelter M., Montemagni S., Peters C., Schnelle H., Sinclair J. Evaluation report. Progetto CEC ET-10/51, Deliverable 8. Internal note IEI-B4-18, 1994.
The objective of the work in Pisa has been to translate and produce instantiations of the syntactically parsed definitions of the Cobuild dictionary: provided by Birmingham in a Typed Feature Structure formalism. However, as described in Methodology above, our results have been produced at two different levels: intermediate results; final results in the form of TFS entries. In the following, we will discuss briefly the possible applications of these different results for the three user types recognized in the introduction to this section: i. Human user ii. Human user-assisted by the machine iii. The machine Obviously, the discussion here below refers entirely to the results that would be obtained once the parser has been applied to the whole dictionary.
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Computational linguistics
D.3.1 Formal Definitions and Theory

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