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Navona C., Cioni R., Giannini F., Paradiso C., Starita A. EMGSYS : un sistema per l'elaborazione del segnale EMG di superficie su personal computer. In: Rivista di Neurobiologia (Roma, 1994). Atti, vol. 39, n. 5/6 pp. 635 - 640. SocietÓ dei Neurologi, Neurochirurghi e Neuroradiologi Ospedalieri. Il Ventaglio, 1994.
Studies on the relationship between the force and the power density spectrum (PDS) of the surface electromyogram (EMG) have provided data which still appear controversial. The discrepancies in the results obtained by different laboratories could depend on differences in the groups of muscles examined, the size and locations of the electrodes or the interelectrode distances. So far, no simple correlation has been found between parameters characterizing the EMG, either in the time or in the frequency domain, and the anatomical or physiological characteristics of the motor units involved. The aim of the EMGSYS software package is the automatic calculation of a number of parameters obtained from the tibialis anterior EMG, in order to study their possible correlation with the characteristics of the motor units. The parameters provided by EMGSYS package are calculated either in the time domain, processing the EMG signal and its first and second derivatives, or in the frequency domain, after the computation of the PDS ofthe EMG signal.
Subject Surface electromyogram (EMG)
J.2 Physics
J.3 Life and medical sciences

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