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Bramanti M., Bozzi E., Graziadio M., Sbrana L. Miter 1600 : a workstation for real time measuring unburnt content in the ashes of coal fired power plants. In: CROCUS '94. Joint Meeting of the Italian and Portuguese Sections of the Combustion Institute. II Convegno nazionale Aivela. (Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy, 20 - 23 September 1994). Atti, 1994.
Real time determination of the unburnt carbon content in ashes of combustors is of great interest in many respects: it allows optimization of the combustion process, control of the emissions, production of ash with suitable quality for commercialization or disposal. Conventional laboratory procedures (chemical analysis) have high precision, but the measurement time is too long to fulfill the above requirements; on the other hand, accuracy far lower than that attainable by chemical analysis, is often sufficient.
Subject measuring
J.6 Computer aided engineering

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