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Chiaradonna S., Bondavalli A., Strigini L. On performability modeling and evaluation of software fault tolerance structures. In: EDCC-1 - 1st European Dependable Computing Conference (Berlin, October 1994). Proceedings, pp. 97 - 114. K. Echtle, D. Hammer, D. Powell (eds.). (Lecture notes in computer science, vol. 852). Springer, 1994.
An adaptive scheme for software fault-tolerance is evaluated from the point of view of performability, comparing it with previously published analyses of the more popular schemes, recovery blocks and multiple version programming. In the case considered, Ihis adaptive scheme, "Self-Configuring Optimistic Programming" (SCOP), is equivalent to N-version programming in terms of the probability of delivering correet results, but achieves better performance by delaying the execution of some of the variants until it is made necessary by an error. A discussion follows highlighting the limits in the realism of these analyses, due to the assumptions made to obtain mathematically tractable models, to the lack of experimental data and to the need to consider also resource consumption in the definition of the models. We consider ways of improving usability of the results of comparative evaluation for guiding design decisions.
Subject Fault tolerance
D.2.4 Software/Program Verification
D.4.5 Reliability

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