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Aquilino D., Asirelli P., Inverardi P. Gedblog : a multi-theories deductive environment to specify graphical interfaces. In: GULP-PRODE'94 - 1994 Joint Conference on Declarative Programming (Peniscola, Spain, September 19-22 1994). Proceedings, vol. 1 pp. 440 - 441. M. Alpuente, R. Barbuti, I. Ramas (eds.). Pub Zone, 1994.
The Gedblog projectstarts from the idea of building a uniform environment, based on logic databases theory, that could be specialized to support fast prototyping of applications that take benefit from a declarative specification style. In this perspective, we propose its extension to support declarative specification of tools that are mainly based on graphical user interaction. The poster gives an overview of the system, as it is implemented now, by introducing the extended logic theories that Gedblog manages. It gives also a taste of the graphical specification language we have defined and of the applications it has been tested on.
Subject Logic databases
H.2 Information systems. Database management

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