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Congdon C., Huber M., Kortenkamp D., Konolige K., Myers K., Saffiotti A., Ruspini E., Musto D. Carmel Vs. Flakey: a comparison of two robots. In: AAAI Robot Competition - technical report RC-92-01, pp. 1 - 52. AAAI, 1994.
The University of Michigan's CARMEL and SRI International's Flakey were the first- and second-place finishers respectively at the AAAI Robot Competition in July, 1992. The approaches used by the two top teams are markedly different, but there are also some highlevel similarities. This paper is intended to compare the two architectures, focusing on abilities exhibited in the robot competition and the underlying approaches used by the two teams. A shorter version of this paper appeared originally in [6].
Subject Artificial intelligence
I.2 Artificial Intelligence

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