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Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. Magicsphere : an insight tool for 3D data visualization. In: Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 13 (3) pp. 317 - 328. Blackwell, 1994.
How to render very complex datasets, and yet maintain interactive response times, a hot topic in computer graphics. The MagicSphere idea originated as a solution to this problem, but its potential goes much further than this original scope. In fact, it has been designed as a very generical 3D widget: it defines a spherical volume of interest in the dataset modeling space. Then, several filters can be associated with the MagicSphere, which apply different visualization modalities to the data contained in the volume of interest. The visualization of multi-resolution datasets is selected here as a case study and an ad hoc filter has been designed, the MultiRes filter. Some results of a prototipal implementation are presented and discussed.
Subject MagicSphere
I.3 Computer Graphics

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