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Breslauer D. Testing string superprimitivity in parallel. In: Information Processing Letters, vol. 49 (5) pp. 235 - 241. Elsevier, 1994.
A string w couers another string z if every symbol of z is within some occurrence of w in z. A string is called superprimitive if it is covered only by itself, and quasiperiodic if it is covered by some shorter string. This paper presents an optimal Ο(α(|z|) log log |z|) time CRCW-PRAM algorithm that tests if a string z is superprimitive, where α(|z|) is the inverse of Ackermann function. An alternative implementation takes Ο(log log |z|) time using (|z|log|z|)/log log|z| processors, and is the fastest possible with this number of processors over a general alphabet.
Subject Parallel algorithms
String matching
F.2.1 Numerical Algorithms and Problems

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