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De Floriani L., Montani C., Scopigno R. Parallelizing visibility computations on triangulated terrains. Internal note IEI-B4-41, 1993.
In this paper we address the problem of computing visibility information on digital terrain models in parallel. We propose a parallel algorithm for computing the visible region of an observation point located on the terrain. The algorithm is based on a sequential triangle-sorting visibility approach proposed in [4]. Static and dynamic parallelization strategies, both in terms of partitioning criteri a and scheduling policies, are discussed. The different parallelization strategies are implemented on an MIMD multicomputer and evaluated through experimental results. 1 Introd uction The problem of computing visibility information on a terrain has several important applications. One application. which has been studied in great depth. is terrain visualization, which consists l
Subject Triangulation
I.3.4 Graphics Utilities

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