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Monachini M., Peters C. Survey of tools for corpus-based lexical description. Deliverable D-I-1 of delis (LRE 61.034). Internal note IEI-B4-22, 1993.
This survey deals with tools and computational approaches for corpus based lexicon building. It concentrates on the tasks of the "chain" of work items of corpus based lexicography for which DELIS will implement tools. The goal of this survey is not to give a full picture of corpus handling tools or of lexicographic workstations, but rather to point to those realizations inside and outside the DELIS consortium which are prominent models for DELIS tool building work. Secondly, the tools available at the DELIS members'sites will be presented and an assessment will be made concerning the feasibility of an integration of the newly built DELIS tools with these tools existing at different sites. This is most relevant in the area of annotation of corpora. The corpus exploration work in DELIS, in view of lexicon construction, must rely on the input it receives for different languages. Consequently, the tools available for each language, the type of output they produce and the possibility of interfacing these tools with elements of the DELIS toolbox must be described.
Subject Lexical semantics
I.2.7 Natural Language Processing

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