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Bertini G., Martini N., Tarabella L. Graphic editor/compiler for audio synthesis and processing algorithms: the E/CG-0.2. Progetto finalizzato sistemi informatici e calcolo parallelo, sottoprogetto 2, processori dedicati. Internal note IEI-B4-21, 1993.
This work deals with a software tool named "Graphic Editor/Compiler" suitable for the design and of synthesis algorithms to be used in music and acoustic, and more generally in the digital signal processing activity. The aim is to contribute to the development of personal work stations to be used in different areas of Research, Education and Music Composition, in order to satisfy those requirements at the moment not provided by commercial system. The Graphic Editor has been developed for Macintosh machines: using the mouse it is possible to place on a working window basic simbols (generators, envelope shaper, delays, adders ... ) taken from a palette and to link them in order to draw a complete synthesis algorithms. The Editor inc1udes an on-line syntactic analyser which guarantees the correctenes and the consistency of the algorithms drawn, and makes it possible the translation of the algorithm drawn into the machine code of a specified DSP microprocessor. (As case study the TMS320C25 was been taken into consideration). In this report, the features of the Graphic Editor/Compiler-O.2 upgraded version of that described in a first release (R/2/54) and a user guide for working on music station "MuSt C25" (R/2/109) are described.
Subject signal processing
C.3 Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems

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