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Bertini G., Fabbri D., Tarabella L. MustC25, una stazione di lavoro musicale con il sistema multiC25 : Descrizione e manuale operativo. Progetto finalizzato sistemi informatici e calcolo parallelo, sottoprogetto 2, processori dedicati. Internal note IEI-B4-20, 1993.
MUSTC25 is a musical workstation based on the MULTIC25, a multiprocessor system for real-time audio signal processing and synthesis (described in PF InternaI Report R/2/108). The working environment for the user has been developed on the host computer, a PC-IBM compatible personal computer, as an application for Microsoft Windows 3.1. MUSTC25 is structured as a modular, users configurable and open system. The main program functionality allow the user to develop, to load and to execute on DSP boards several computational algorithms at the same time. In order to make the multiple editing files possible a MDI window (Multiple Document Interface) is available. In order to allow the control of the algorithms at run time a set of software tools integrated in the program, inc1uded a "Sequencer window" and a Real time control window" has been developed. It is possible to get a poliphony up to 32 "voices" and a number of around two hundred of digital oscillator. As further improvement the integration of MUSTC25 program with a graphical editor/compiler of synthesis and processing algorithms for musical signals and drivers for MIDI interfaces, will been developed.
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H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing

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