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Bertini G., Fabbri D., Marani M., Tarabella L. Must C25 stazione di lavoro musicale con schede DSP Leonard 'C25. (Demo). In: X Colloquio di informatica musicale (Milano, Italy, 2 - 4 December 1993). Atti, pp. 307 - 310. G. Haus, I. Pighi (eds.). AIMI, UniversitÓ di Milano, 1993.
MuSt C25 is a workstation for real-rime audio musical signals processing and synthesis based on a low cost, modular multiDSP system (named MULTIC25). This system is based on a MSDOS compatible Personal Computer and a number (up to eigth) of DSP boards LeonardC25 (Leonardo Spa, Massa, Italia), carried out around the TMS320C25 microprocessor; the boards are connected in a daisy-chain configuration via the high speed serial ports provided by the TMS; the first and the last board are then connected to, respectively, an analog-to-digital and a digital-to-analog external circuitery. The operational environment for the MuSt C25 has been developed as an application for Windows 3.1. The main functions of MuSt C25 are tasks distribution among the various modules and management of the flow of controls parameters and synchronisation. Tools for graphically editing andcompiling synthesis and analysis algorithms, for hard-disk recording operations and for integrating the MuST C25 with DSPMIDI environments are under development.

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