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Barutti M., Bertini G. Una nuova tecnica di sintesi additiva basata sulla trasformata inversa di Fourier. In: X Colloquio di informatica musicale (Milano, Italy, 2 - 4 December 1993). Atti, pp. 127 - 133. G. Haus, I. Pighi (eds.). AIMI, UniversitÓ di Milano, 1993.
Additive synthesis can be considered the most powerful and general synthesis technique, but it has very high computational costs. Sound synthesis systems which use massive and esclusive additive synthesis are now available on the market; however, their cost is much higher than that of systems providing an equivalent degree of polyphony based on other synthesis techniques. The method here presented allows to generate complex musical signals using the Inverse Fourier Transform with a reduced number of harmonics, thanks to a mechanism by which further sine waves can be added. Simulation and test of complex signals synthesis have been carried out with good results. An evaluation of a system having several thousand sine waves with a good frequency and time resolution and a SNR higher than 80dB, leads to a computational cost of less than one tenth of systems using digital oscillators.

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