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Marola G., Schiaffino M., Vaccarelli A. A method for the recognition of 3-D objects partially modelled as polyhedra. In: 8th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (Tromsø, Norway, 25 - 28 May 1993). Proceedings, pp. 73 - 79. Kjell Arild Høgda, Bjørn Braathen, Karsten Heja (eds.). NOBIM, 1993.
The method presented in this paper works with objects embodying parts or elements which can be modelled as polyhedra. It is based on a qualitative approach, in which local polyhedral features of a 3-D model are searched in a single orthographic view of a scene; a quantitative test is then made on the candidate patterns thus identified. The algorithm is capable of tolerating overlapping of objects and inaccurate edge extraction and, in addition, can take moderate perspective effects into account.
Subject 3D modelling

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