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Trippi D., Chimenti M., Bozzi R. A computer-assisted method for the study of the trabecular bone of the distal radius on conventional radiographs. In: Journal of Digital Imaging, vol. 6 (2) pp. 140 - 147. W.B. Saunders Company, 1993.
The procedure described is based on the acquisition and processing of x-rays of the distal radius obtained under standard conditions. An x-ray was obtained of the forearm together with an aluminum step wedge to automatically normalize the photometric values of the bone with respect to the photometric values of the reference aluminum wedge. Densitometric values for thickness (T) and a coarseness parameter (C) that depends on the trabecular bone pattern are measured on interactively selected rows and regions of interest (ROIs) of the digital image. Twenty-five women were examined and two different measurements were performed. The first measurement considers e in three sites of the radial epiphisis. The trabecular bone coarseness appears to increase from the distal to the very-very distal site and the value of C in the very distal site, which is located 1 cm distally to the distal one tenth of the radius, seems to be related to the pathological variations more than the value of C in the other sites. The second measurement is the C/T ratio of eight ROIs of 15 patients: five healthy and 10 osteoporotic women. This ratio is significantly different for the two groups in all the eight ROIs and the variations are particularly significant at 6 to 12 mm from the subchondral line.
Subject Digital image processing
Computer-assisted radiology
Bone density
Trabecular bone pattern

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