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Meghini C., Rabitti F., Thanos C. Models for multimedia information retrieval. In: Multimedia: standard, tecnologie ed applicazioni. (Pisa, Italy, 9 - 10 June 1992). Atti, article n. -. UNINFO, 1992.
The paper critically reviews some of the main drawbacks of existing document retrieval systems and identifies a set of requirements for advanced multimedia document retrieval systems. An approach aimed at enhancing multimedia document retrieval based on the principles or conceptual modelling is presented. The main features of the experi-mental system MULTOS, which follows this approach and partially implements some of the requirements identified, is described.
Subject Multimedia Document Systems
Document Retrieval
Conceptual modelling
Multimedia Systems Engineering
Multimedia information retrieval
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval. Retrieval models

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