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Fantechi A., Makhanet B., Najm E., Cunha P., Queiroz J. Correctness preserving transformations for the late phases of development. In: 3rd Lotosphere Workshop & Seminar. (Pisa, Italy, 14 - 16 September 1992). Proceedings, vol. 2 pp. 1 - 20. T. Bolognesi, E. Brinksma, C.A. Vissers (eds.). CNUCE, 1992.
A LOTOS based stepwise refinement methodology has been defined in the Lotosphere project (ref to T1.1). Starting from an initial set of user requirements, the methodology describes a stepwise, disciplined and formal process for deriving implementations. At the core of the methodology are the notions of design, design step, and design trajectory. A design is a LOTOS specification of the system at a certain level of abstraction, complemented with some informal text representing the aspects of the system that are not (yet) formalised. A design can be refined in many ways into another design. A design step implies the selection of one the possible refinements which incorporates some design decision and takes into account a relevant subset of the user requirements. A design trajectory is a sequence of valid design steps that starts from the user requirements and leads to a design or to a realisation where these requirements have been completely satisfied.
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