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Rabitti F., Savino P. Querying semantic image databases. In: Symposium on Electric Imaging Science and Technology - SPIE/IS&T. (San Jose, California, USA, 9 - 14 February 1992). Proceedings, vol. Image Storage and Retrieval Systems pp. 69 - 78. (Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 1662). SPIE, 1992.
This paper describes the retrieval process from image databases, based on a description of the image content. This process is based on the assumption that a semantic interpretation of the image content is available, as result of an automatic, or semi-automatic, image analysis process, applied to images belonging to specific domains, described in advance to the system. The image query language allows the user to express conditions on the symbolic representation of the images to be retrieved. It addresses the important aspects of the various image interpretations resulting from image analysis, like partial conditions on the composition of complex objects in the image, their degree of recognition and positional requirements on the objects in the image interpretation. The paper outlines the image query processing, with particular emphasis on the access structures to support fast content-base image retrieval.
Subject Image Databases
Image analysis

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