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Zezula P., Rabitti F. An efficient store for object bases. In: 25th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences. (Kauai, Hawaii (USA), 7 - 10 January 1992). Proceedings, vol. 2: Software Technology pp. 756 - 765. Bruce D. Shriver (ed.). IEEE, 1992.
Storage management is the crucial issue in determining the overall performance of any database system. Execution of different data manipulation operations is, in general, supported by auxiliary data structures (accelerators, indexes). Object management brings a new quality into the computer data processing and, in turn, requires new implementation techniques capable of fulfilling the object processing efficiently. Navigation along various types of references among objects has become the performance bottle-neck since the traditional techniques used for navigation are by no means sufficient. In this paper, a new organization, called navigation index, is proposed. With this organization, the navigation is performed by computations based on the theory of simple continued fractions. The performance problem is formalized and the navigation index evaluated in relation to other implementation techniques
Subject Database systems
Data structures

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