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Braccini G., Salvetti O. Morphometric analysis of sonographic images by spatial geometric modeling. In: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, vol. 16 (2) pp. 93 - 108. Pergamon, 1992.
A methodology able to derive spatial geometric models from input sequences of sonographie slices is proposed. The developed modeling procedure can be utilized to perform computer-assisted anatomie 3D analysis both on all echo space and selected subregions. The modeling procedure is mainly composed of three sequential phases: a) automatic acquisition and preprocessing of time sequences of 2D echotomograms; b) 3D reconstruction of images and computing of discrete distance maps of selected echoes according to predefined projective laws; and c) generation of a spatial geometrie model of the examined object starting from the previously computed maps.
Subject Ultrasound
Digital image processing
Three-dimensional reconstruction
Morphometric analysis
Geometric modeling

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