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Tarabella L., Bertini G. Studio report del reparto d'informatica musicale del CNUCE-CNR di Pisa. In: IX Colloquio di informatica musicale (Genova, Italy, 13-16 novembre 1991). Atti, pp. 363 - 366. A. Camurri, C. Canepa (eds.). 1991.
Traditionally Computer Music has been present and active in Pisa for several years. Activities at the Computer Music Department of CNUCE/CNR are carried on by Leonello Tarabella (Coordinator), Graziano Bertini, Alfonso Belfiore and Paolo Carosi. The group mainly deals with the following topics: Personal Computer based Music Workstation design and prototyping, Development of Software for composition and interaction, Education and organization of special events like the recent International Workshop on Man-Machine interaction in live performance.
Subject musical workstation
digital signal processing
algorithmic composition
J.5 arts and humanities - music

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