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Rabitti F., Savino P. Automatic image indexation and retrieval. In: RIAO 91 - Intelligent Text and Image Handling (Barcelona, Spain, April 2-5 1991). Proceedings, vol. 2 pp. 864 - 884. A. Lichnerowicz (ed.). Commission of the European Communities, 1991.
This paper presents a new approach for the automatic interpretation of graphical and pictorial images and the creation of access structures based on this analysis. the automatic indexation of images is necessary to support the access to a database of images, giving conditions on the semantic image content. The key aspect of the image analysis process can be applied to images belonging to specific domains, described in advance to the system. Image analysis is performed in two steps: in the first step, simple objects are recognized starting from basic graphical/pictorial elements; in the second step, complex objects are recognized (applying domain rules) as compositions of simpler objects and different interpretation are generated. The image query language allows the user to express conditions on the objects to be found in the images, on their relative positions, on their interpretation and degree of recognition.

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