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Cioni R., Giannini F., Paradiso C., Battistini N., Navona C., Starita A. Interference pattern of surface electromyographic power spectrum in male and female subjects. In: IV International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering. (Peniscola, Spain, September 17-18-19-20 1991). Proceedings, pp. 346 - 347. IEEE, 1991.
The purpose of the present study was to establish if the different intrinsic muscle properties in women with respect to men, can influence the surface EMG freguency power spectral parameters during isometric contraction performed at different levels of maximal voluntary contraction. The following spectral parameters were estimated: the root mean sguare (RMS), the median freguency (MF) and the percentage of RMS (Vc) in 5 freguency bands. The difference in RMS and MF mean values between men and women, may be reiated to the anatomic-physiological differences of muscle fibres and reveal the necessity to create normative data, distinct and separate for both men and women.

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