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Bertolino A., Carlesi C., Giromini M. Automated program structure analysis for branch testing. In: Quality Week 1991. (San Francisco, California (USA), 14 - 17 May 1991). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 12. Software Research, Inc, 1991.
Branch testing requires a deep analysis of program structure in order to derive test data. A prototype tool which supports this analytic phase has been designed and is currently experimented at I.E.I. At first, the tool automatical1y produces the (block) control flow graph from the (C) program listing. Then, it looks for and signals "essential" branches, i.e. a minimal subset of program branches which would guarantee 100% coverage. Also, paths from program entry to each essential branch are suggested. The main requirement in the too1 design was its usability: in fact, the tool offers an easy X-Window interface. Further development should be integration with a coverage analyzer and direct individuation on the screen graph of unexercized branches.

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