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Sebastiani F. A fully model-theoretic semantics for model-preference default systems. In: WOCFAI '91 - 1st World Conference on the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Paris, France, July 1-5 1991). Proceedings, pp. 439 - 445. Angkor, 1991.
Propositional systems of default inference based on the dyadic relation of preference between models have recently been proposed by Selman and Kautz to provide a computationally tractable mechanism for the generation of vivid knowledge bases. In this paper we argue that the formalism proposed, albeit endowed with a semantic flavour, is not a modeltheoretic (or denotational) semantics, as no ontology which is independent of the existence of the knowledge representation language is postulated. Consistently with good modeltheoretic practice we carry on to postulate a language-independent ontology and to use it in the subsequent definition of a fully modeltheoretic semantics for model-preference default systems. This semantics is instrumental in providing guidelines for the development of algorithms that reason on model-preference default systems, and for comparing this with other

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