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Castelli D., Meghini C. Aspes : a knowledge based system for the interactive construction of architectures. In: COMP EURO 91 - 5th Annual European Computer Conference (Bologna, Italy, May 13-16 1991). Proceedings, pp. 855 - 859. V.A. Monaco and R. Negrini (eds.). IEEE, 1991.
ASPES is a knowledge based system for the interactive specification of the hardware and software architecture of a computer system, It has been designed and developed at the prototypical level as an effective tool in assisting the designer of an office information system in the construction of an architecture that realizes the information system being designed. The ASPES knowledge base is ii procedural semantic network which embodies the knowledge on commercial hardware and software component and on the possible ways o[ combining these components into components of increasing complexity, up to the level of office architectures.

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