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Marinai E., Peters C., Picchi E. A first prototype of a system for the semi-automatic sense linking and merging of mono-and bilingual ldbs. In: Making connections (Tempe, Arizona, March 17-21 1991). Proceedings, pp. 293 - 298. D. Ross and D. Brink (eds.). ACH-ALL'91, 1991.
A method far the (semi-automatic) linking of lexical data bases based on different source dictionaries and their partial merging is presented. The resu1ts can be modified interactively by the user and saved to form part of a new merged LDB whose entries will contain all the information included in the separate source LDBs. The aim is to provide not only a tool which makes it easier to compare and study lexical data derived from different sources but also to permit linguistic and lexical analyses on much richer data.

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