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Rabitti F., Bertino E., Kim W., Woelk D. A model of authorization for next-generation database systems. In: Transactions on Database Systems, vol. 16 (1) pp. 88 - 131. ACM, 1991.
The conventional models of authorization have been designed for database system supporting the hierarchical, network, and relational models of data. However, these models are not adequate for next-generation database system that support richer data models that include object-oriented concepts and semantic data modeling concepts. Rabitti, Woelk, and Kim presented a preliminary model of authorization for use as the basis of an authorization mechanism in such database system. In this paper we present a fuller model of authorization that fills a few major gaps that the conventional models of authorization cannot fill for next-generation database system. We also further formalize the notion of implicit authorization and refine the application of the notion of implicit authorization to object-oriented and semantic modeling concepts. We also describe a user interface for using the model of authorization and consider key issues in implementing the authorization model.
Subject Security
Object-oriented database
Semantic database
H.2.O. Database Management : General

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