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Meghini C., Rabitti F., Thanos C. Conceptual modeling of multimedia documents. In: Computer, vol. 24 (10) pp. 23 - 29. IEEE, 1991.
Today, the demand is increasing for systems that can store, retrieve, and manipulate large volumes of multimedia documents such as structured collections of formatted data, text, graphics, images, and voice. This increasing demand has been caused by the rapid development of workstation technology in recent years that has made sophisticated workstations available at continuously declining costs. The proliferation of workstation-based office systems has expanded the production of multimedia documents. However, the effectiveness of operational full-text retrieval systems is restricted by the built-in theoretical limits of existing retrieval models. In addition, multimedia documents introduce new requirements for retrieval. Most of the current text-information management systems ignore requirements for maintaining document structure and for storing nontext components such as graphics or images while still providing content-based access. In this article, we present a new approach to the document-retrieval problem. The objective of this approach is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of document-retrieval systems by exploiting the semantic contents of the documents. We also will illustrate an experimental system, the Multimedia Office Server (Multos), which implements some of the document-model concepts described in the article.

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