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Montani C., Tomasi A. Generazione in parallelo di carte tematiche di sintesi. Internal note IEI-B4-13, 1990.
The growing interest in computer graphics has to be faced with the great complexity of many practical applications. In digital mapping, for example, the operations on spatial data reach easily exponential complexity with respect to the number of regions represented on the maps, and this fact constitutes a good testbed for the research towards parallel solutions. This paper discusses a solution in the field of parallel management of polygonal regions. The proposal is designed according to an integrated approach towards the definition of a data representation scheme suitable to be processed by parallel algorithms and to the implementation on a parallel architecture programmed by a concurrent language. The proposed solution is based on DPCS, a distributed version of a data representation scheme called PCS. Data processing operates on partitoned data structures, and a transformation method is defined by a parallel algorithm to convert data represented as vectorial information to and from DPCS. The DPCS system is implemented on a Transputer ring, by now composed of five Transputers, but easily extendable. The processing and communicating facilities of the Transputers allow to exploit the maximum degree of parallelism, not only while processing the partitioned data, but also during the inherently sequential operations of data conversion.

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