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Asirelli P., Di Grande D., Inverardi P. Graphedblog : reference manual. Internal note IEI-B4-08, 1990.
We will recall here some notions on databases that will help c1arify the various parts of the system we are presenting. A Database is a set of data collected and stored in a computer according to some particular criterion. A Database Management System (DBMS) consists of the software that allows the user to: - use and/or update the data in the Database, - use and reason about the data in abstract terms more than on implementation details. Furthermore, the DBMS must posses the following features: - Security, that is protection against uncontrolled access to the data; - Integrity, that is control over certain kind of "Consistency Constraints"; - Syncronization, that is maintenance of the system consistency when the system is used by more than one user, simultaneously. - Crash protection and Recovery.

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