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Favati P., Lotti G., Romani F. Testing automatic quadrature programs. In: Calcolo, vol. 27 (3/4) pp. 169 - 193. CNR-IEI, 1990.
A new method for testing automatic quadrature programs is introduced. With only one computer run, this method gives complete information on the behaviour of the integration program for a single function and any use tolerance, and is well suited for statistic and parametric studies with a large number of integrands. The method is applied to study the behaviour of some well-known automatic quadrature routines (CCQUAD, QAG, QAGS, QXG, QXGS).
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/w2v2673213u34h37/?p=7a9cb82ec3d64ec3ac903e3d3d3f7a35&pi=2
Subject Testing automatic quadrature
G.1.4 Quadrature and Numerical Differentiation

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