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Di Giandomenico F., Strigini L. Adjudicators for diverse-redundant components. In: EWDC-2 - 2nd European Workshop on Dependable Computing (Firenze, Italy, August 6 1990).
In fault-tolerant components realized using replication, severai alternate results are produced, from which a single correct result must be derived. This is done by a mechanism, that we call an adjudicator (a concept more general than a voter), which uses as its inputs the individual resu1ts produced by the replicated subcomponents comprising the redundant component. This paper gives a rigourous definition of the adjudication problem, summarizes the existing literature on the topic, and investigates the use of probabilistic knowledge about errors/faults in the subcomponents of a fault tolerant component to obtain good adjudication functions. The concept of an optimal adjudicator is introduced and discussed.

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