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De Nicola R., Inverardi P., Nesi M. Using the axiomatic presentation of behavioural equivalences for manipulating CCS specifications. In: International Workshop on Automatic Verification Methods for Finite State Systems. (Grenoble, France, June 1989). Proceedings, pp. 54 - 67. J. Sifakis (ed.). (Lecture notes in computer science, vol. 407). Springer, 1990.
An interactive system for proving properties of CCS specifications is described. This system allows users to take advantage of all three views of CCS semantics (the transitions, the operationally defined equivalences and the axioms) and to define their own verification strategies for moving from one view to another. The system relies on term rewriting techniques and manipulates only the symbolic representation of specifications without resorting to any other kind of internal representation.
Subject CCS

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