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Arioli M., Duff I., Noailles J., Ruiz D. Block Cimmino and block SSOR algorithms for solving linear systems in a parallel environment. In: Conference on Supercomputing Tools for Science and Engineering. (Pisa, Italy, December 1989). Proceedings, pp. 47 - 54. Domenico Laforenza, Raffaele Perego (eds.). (Collana Scientifica Franco Angeli, vol. 53). Franco Angeli, 1990.
We describe block versions of Cimmino and SSOR algorithms for solving general sparse systems. We consider their acce1eration using conjugate gradients and the choice of a preconditioner for both the methods. The effect of the block partitioning is a1so discussed. Experiments on an Alliant FX/80 indicate the effectiveness of the two methods on quite general systems and show the differences between them.

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