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Azzarelli L., Chimenti M., Salvetti O., Bruenig H., Niemann H. Interactive processing and archiving of images. In: Image and Vision Computing, vol. 8 (3) pp. 241 - 250. Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, 1990.
The concept of an interactive system for processing and archiving of images is described. Two realizations of this system, IPAX and Gepiter, running under different operating systems, are presented. Important features of the system are the multiuser and networking capabilities that allow distributed processing. A program generator is included which allows the expansion of the system by adding new image processing programs. Symbolic access to images by their names is implemented throughout the distributed system. Types are attached to images and parameters, and compatibility is checked by the image processing programs. Complex connections of image processing operations are possible. For example, the flow of experiments and the processing history of resulting images can be controlled by protocols that are kept automatically. An image archive provides short-and long-term storage of images including attached information such as type and processing history.
Subject Image processing system
Interactive processing
Program generator

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