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Codenotti B., Leoncini M. Preconditioning linear systems and parallelism. In: Computers and Artificial Intelligence, vol. 9 (5) pp. 471 - 491. Slovenská akadémia vied (ed.). SAP-Slovak Academic Press s.r.o, 1990.
We present three polynomial preconditioning techniques and analyze some of their theoretical and computational properties. We first show some formal relations between the preconditioning polynomial and the characteristic polynomial of the coefficient matrix. Parallel algorithms are then derived and their behaviour related to that of Csanky's method. We also present experimental results obtained for special types of matrices.
Subject Polynominal preconditioning
Parallel computation
Linear system
Matrix inversion
Csanky's algorithm
Arithmetic circuit
G.1.0 Numerical Analysis. General. Parallel algorithms
G.1.3 Numerical Analysis. Numerical Linear Algebra. Linear systems

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