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Montani C., Scopigno R. Spheres-to-voxels conversion. In: Graphics Gems, vol. 1 pp. 327 - 334. Andrew S. Glassner (ed.). Academic Press, 1990.
The use or prototyping of volumetric representation schemes based on three-dimensional cells-typical examples are the cubic frame buffer (Kaufman and Bakalash, 1988) or the octree (Meagher, 1982) schemes-often requires the availability of efficient routines for converting elementary solid objects into cells. In this note we present a conversion algorithm from spheres to voxels. It accepts as input the definition of a sphere (in terms of its radius and center) and returns the set of voxels completely or partially contained into the space bounded by the surface of the sphere, that is, a 3D scan conversion of the sphere.
Subject Volume representation and rendering

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