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Rabitti F. The multos document model. In: Multimedia Office Filing: the Multos Approach., pp. 18 - 52. C. Thanos (ed.). Elsevier, 1990.
The motivations, the concepts and the formal definition of the document model adopted in the MULTOS project are presented in this chapter. The rationale of the modelling approach is discussed with particular emphasis on the concept of document type and me integration with the Office Document Architecture - ODA. A formal definition of the conceptual document model, called Conceptual Structure Definition - CSD, is given using the Abstract Syntax Notation - ASN. Derivation rules for the specialization of conceptual document types and the definition of document instances are given. The use of CSD in document types and document instances is discussed. Finally, the extensions to the document model for the second MULTOS prototype are presented.

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