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Luccio F., Pinotti M. C. Minimal synthesis of multivalued functions with new operators. Internal note IEI-B4-55, 1989.
The operators π and σ for multivalued logic are examined. While π has been original1y proposed the literature, in connection with fuzzy logic, a is introduced here. Simple implementations of these operators in the form of I∆2 L circuits are also proposed, with examples for four-valued logic. A simple algebraic treatment leads to the definition of a minimal form for any given function, that is, a form which includes the minimum number of operators. A procedure to derive a minimal form is also outlined, based on concepts which are extensions of the ones of binary logic. The minimization process leads to simple circuits for arbitrary functions.
Subject Logic circuits
Multiple-valued logic
Four-valued operators
Minimal forms
I∆2 L circuits

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