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Barsi F., Georgiadis H. The scaling problem in computer arithmetic by using hybrid number systems : a general architecture. Corso di perfezionamento in applicazioni informatiche (Universita' di Pisa - IEI(CNR)). Internal note IEI-B4-36, 1989.
Over the last three decades, the efforts of most researchers working in the field of computer arithmetic have been focused on ever faster numerical information processing. To this purpose, non conventional number systems, such as Residue Number Systems (RNS), were reconsidered for special applications involving addition, subtraction and multiplication with results expected within a predetermined range. In fact, RNS exhibit the unique feature of a complete independence of the digits in representing numbers and in those arithmetic operations where a knowledge of the overall operand magnitude is not mandatory during each step of the arithmetic procedure. In this paper, our contribution will be focused on the problem of iplementing the scaling operation.

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