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Bertino E., Gagliardi R., Gamboni M., Mainetto G., Marinaro F., Rabitti F., Thanos C. ODMS final design. Internal note IEI-B4-16, 1989.
The present documentation upgrades what has been already presented in the last Comandos deliverable document on ODMS. Many concepts have been enhanced or specified in more detail. In particular sect. 1.2 emends ODMS data model features. Sect. 1.3 revises the query language and presents re1evant updates to it. Sect. 2 illustrates the abstract specifications of ODMS's internal components. Index Management is detailed in sect. 2.3.1 while the Query Processor abstract specifications is presented in sect. 2.4. The Query Processor specifications have been used by ARG for implementing the CIS prototype. Sect. 3 lists some of the ODMS dictionaries. Finally sect. 4 and apendix give implementation level specification.

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