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Barsi F. Arithmetic properties of a class of hybrid number systems. Progetto finalizzato materiali e dispositivi per l'elettronica a stato solido, rapporto. Internal note IEI-B4-01, 1989.
In attempts to speed-up computer arithmetic, many researchers have investigated the arithmetic properties and practical implementations of non-weighted, residue systems (RNS). However, RNS's are not successful in those applications, such as division and magnitude comparison, where the result cannot be derived from a separate consideration of operand digits. In this paper, a class of hybrid number systems, namely, residue number systems with magnitude index (RNS with MI), have been considered under a more general formulation than that previously known. In these systems, numerical information is split into two separate parts, which are given a residue and a representation, respectively. The arithmetic properties of such systems have investigated in depth and it has been shown that these systems are suitable for fast, general purpose, arithmetic implementations.
Subject Computer Arithmetic
Hybrid Number Systems
Magnitude Index
Number Rapresentation
Residue Number Systems
Weighted Number Systems

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